06 Jun
The way these services are delivered is with a high level of care, quality, and creativity. When things happen (a reorganization, a team or personal change), care is needed. Organizational and life changes often disrupt existing connections and leave people in uncertainty.
Care is being truly curious about what is happening, beyond the initial stories. It’s about not loosing focus of what is and was successful and putting this at the heart of change. Care is about positive involvement of people that are impacted.
Quality is about allowing time not to rush change. It’s paying attention to detail without loosing sight of the bigger picture. It’s about knowing that it’s not only about the message, but also the way the message is brought.
Creativity is about knowing when to break the rules, when to take a step beyond existing processes and hierarchy, beyond your daily routine and patterns. Without creativity, change will only reach a ‘good enough’ level, and not the ‘break through‘ you might be seeking. 

Deigon is local dialect (Leuven, Belgium) for ‘to take place’ or ‘to continue’.

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