Co-Active Coaching within corporations

Deigon and its international partners are offering a 2 day on-site Co-Active coaching programme for corporations that want to experience what Co-Active Coaching can mean for their employees.
Beyond Technical & Functional Brilliance
Simply focusing on developing employees’ technical or functional expertise is inadequate to create truly sustainable breakthrough performance. We believe that the most effective organizations will shift their focus to fundamentally rewiring how people hold themselves and engage with others in the workplace, giving employees the skills and opportunity to recognize and coax the best performance out of themselves and each other.
By taking a transformative approach to human capital development, organizations will create a workforce that is able to collectively and courageously step forward, set radical expectations, and achieve unprecedented outcomes.
At the start of the 2 day programme, a 60 minute information session will be provided for HR-professionals to allow for a deeper understanding of the core principles of Co-Active Coaching and to provide room for Q&A.
During the on-site programme identified employees/managers will have the opportunity to experience what Co-Active Coaching can mean for them.  Sessions will take between 30 and 45 minutes, and up to 12 sessions can be booked per day.