Coaching is an ability to look at you and hold your transformation, where you are going, where you are moving and growing into, in such a way that you won’t slide back in old habits, or patterns.  Your coach is going to keep you moving forward into the life that YOU want to be living!
Co-Active Coaching is done transformational, instead of incremental.  It’s not just about building plans and setting goals.  It is about a holistic approach to your whole life and whole being, not just your career, or your marriage, your health, or any other topic you might initially want to be coached on.  All areas of who you are – your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (in the sense of life purpose) wellbeing – will be worked on and integrated to achieve the transformation or change that you are seeking.
From the very start, Co-Active Coaching focuses on what YOU want.
  • Is there something in your life that you want to be different?
  • Are you looking for change, or do you have important goals to reach?
  • Do you want to be more effective or more satisfied at work?
  • Would you love to create more order and balance in your life?
  • Is it more peace of mind, more simplicity, more joy or more love that you are seeking?
  • Or maybe just less confusion, less stress, less financial pressure?
Whatever your individual reason, we’ll help you reach what YOU want – a better quality of life – more fulfillment.
At the  heart of Co-Active Coaching are three core principles:
Fulfillment – Balance – Process
Essential is to be able to rid yourself of your assumptions, rules and boundaries, so you can choose what really brings you alive.  We help you discover your own unique values and a vision to create an exiting future. From this you will learn to find your own inspiration and values.
We help you in your busy life to become aware of the choices you make in everything you do.  We guide you to make powerful choices – instead of always being driven by circumstances. You learn new perspectives to develop and establish a plan that you can really stand behind. We encourage and enable you to deepen your learning and accomplish  effective and lasting action.
Confusion, indecision or joy can be part of your progress and your success. You will thereby often feel uncomfortable.  Even in situations that are charged, emotional issues, we will be there for you. Allowing this will speed up your transition process and gives you space to be who you are.
Where to start?
The best way to explore what Co-Active Coaching can mean for you is by asking for a sample session.